Say Surge

Say Sourge is empowering businesses with innovative digital marketing and sales strategies for unparalleled growth. They have a unique approach to sales with highly effective flow from appointment setting to demand generation, account-based marketing and paid media.

Say Surge

Surge’s Unmatched Edge Over the Competition

Surge redefines digital marketing by blending innovation with practical outcomes. They’ve elevated appointment setting and B2C telesales from mere tactics to strategic engagements that captivate targets, driving both interest and engagement. Surge’s approach isn’t just about growth, it’s about creating interactions that move businesses ahead.

Their expertise shines in understanding B2B dynamics, not only generating leads but fostering lasting, trust-based relationships. Transparent communication and a strategic focus on demand generation and account-based marketing showcase their ability to navigate and succeed in competitive markets. Their prowess in paid media transforms curiosity into conversions, proving their role as not just service providers but essential partners in their clients’ success. Surge stands out for its strategic depth, creative innovation, and commitment to exceeding expectations, marking them as visionaries in the digital domain.

Team Insights

Elevating Brand Value via Website Redesign

This journey from concept to digital reality is not just about web design or content creation, it’s about encapsulating the essence of your brand and conveying it through every pixel and word on your website. 


Our team combines 15 years of coding expertise with cutting-edge web technologies to deliver bespoke solutions. We’ve developed a custom WordPress theme powered by TypeScript, PHP, and MySQL, emphasizing strong coding and integrated Technical SEO for optimal performance and visibility. Our workflow includes crafting custom themes from scratch or utilizing our robust pre-built theme, tailored to each client’s unique requirements, ensuring fast, SEO-friendly websites that meet the latest technical standards and client expectations.

We also utilized Swiper, a cutting-edge JavaScript library designed to construct sleek, touch-responsive sliders. It leverages hardware-accelerated transitions to ensure smooth and efficient animations, making it an ideal choice for modern web applications that prioritize user experience and interactivity. 


In honing the brand’s visual identity, we’ve embraced a color palette that exudes sophistication and depth, primarily leveraging shades of black and purple. This choice isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s a strategic move to encapsulate and convey Surge’s core ethics and vision to their target audience. Through this distinctive color scheme, we aimed to not only make Surge stand out visually but also to resonate deeply with their audience, aligning with their perceptions and expectations.

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“An outstanding agency providing all digital services!”

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Jovan Dragutinovic
Co Founder & CEO @phasesix