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Box Poslovi is a go-to place for all young job-seekers that want to find inspiring jobs and nurture healthy career trajectory.

Box Poslovi

Box Poslovi Gains Popularity Among Job-Seeking Youth

Box Poslovi isn’t just revolutionizing the job search process it’s transforming lives. As a powerhouse connector between ambitious job seekers and forward-thinking employers, it stands at the forefront of the employment revolution, offering more than mere job matches, it offers dreams realized and potential unlocked. 


This platform brings the job market to your fingertips, turning the quest for work from a daunting challenge into a thrilling opportunity for discovery and growth. 


With Box Poslovi, job seekers aren’t just applying, they’re embarking on a journey to find their true calling, armed with unparalleled access to opportunities that resonate with their deepest professional aspirations

It’s where careers are not just made but are catapulted into realms of unexpected possibilities. Each connection made on Box Poslovi is a testament to the power of ambition meeting opportunity, creating a ripple effect of success and fulfillment.


Box Poslovi is the beacon of hope, guiding the next generation of the workforce towards a brighter, more fulfilling future. For anyone ready to take their career to new heights, Box Poslovi is the launchpad to greatness, making every job search not just impactful, but truly transformative.

Team Insights

Clashing Creative Thinking with Coding Experience

Our beacon of bright ideas that helped various young people to connect with new job opportunities, an extremely satisfied client for whom we developed a unique website that serves as a platform for job seekers. We integrated PHP and TypeScript along with MySQL and SCSS to provide a full scale of modern looking features while integrating a fast paced environment that encompasses all technical SEO aspects which results in the steady organic growth of the website from the first day of its launch.

Unique approach for each frontend development process was integrated within our framework during the work on the whole project. Our goal was to allow all elements to be fluid and move effectively while allowing Google bots to clearly crawl the website so our client can start gathering high levels of traffic without any hassle. We have achieved that by manually integrating elements of TypeScript with the strategy crafted by our SEO experts.

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“An outstanding agency providing all digital services!”

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Jovan Dragutinovic
Co Founder & CEO @phasesix